Within vs Without – Laura Matsue

Within vs Without by Laura Matsue

The potential for an “awakening” has never been greater, yet at the same time, the potential for distraction and deception has also increased (especially with the dawn of transhumanism with all its temptations), for the occult hostile forces would never relinquish their grip on a food source so easily.

The ‘dramas’ will continue to build up in intensity until “we” – or a certain fraction of humanity – can/will transcend this fear-based mutant mind-matrix via holistic psychological, somatic, and esoteric self-work, so we may act from our divine Essence as creative embodied frequency anchors of Divine Will.

Yet, this opposition of “dark vs. light” also serves as a teaching-function, and creates the necessary friction to ignite the alchemical fire required for the evolution of consciousness. All there is, exists as lessons, hence “evil” serves a teaching function, as it manifests as part of the One as well.

This 3rd Density existence is an intermediate stage/phase, the threshold to cross (“many are called, few choose to answer the call”) before we can become self-realized, soul-individualized divine Gnostic beings with a fully-activated genetic birthright to explore…transcending even entropy and death itself.

But this is a highly individual process, different for each soul to experience. We all have our unique path and process, and no externally-delivered mind solution will speed it up nor bring radical/true change (rather, it’s more like changing the tapestry of the (invisible) prison surroundings instead of breaking out of the cage altogether). Oftentimes, our choices will simply feed and support the reality people are trying to fight against (with all of their focus centered upon external “fixing” processes), for they perceive an “error” in creation – as if “God” or the Divine/Source made a mistake.

As the hermetic axiom states: As Within so Without. As Above so Below. The Inner creates/reflects the Outer (not to be mistaken with the New Age distortion of “Reality Creation”). All of the perceived “chaos” we see on the world stage (including “Climate Change”) is a reflection of who we are inside: fragmented, separated, contradictory, lost, confused, afraid , reactive, and numerous other unconscious shadow aspects we project externally… identified with the illusory conditioned personality we “think” we are, caught up in its beliefs, attachments, identifications, biases, conditioned/programed desires, and projections…..sleepwalking, dreaming to be awake.

Disillusionment is a painful but necessary process, for the old needs to die before the new can be born. We are in the birth canal, awaiting the delivery of a new humanity…..and any birthing event is simultaneously painful and beautiful …ask any mother! However, “we” still have a long way to go in this culmination, even though it’s all right here, right now.

Welcome to the paradox of it all – the mind is a powerful ally for growth and expansion, yet our thoughts will never, ever understand (or grasp) the expansive nature of our human life; they are, in fact, a hindrance to the ‘allowing’ process, for mind is the “doorway” through which occult hostile forces control and manipulate us.


Excerpted from: Time of Transition, Telegram