A Particular Simultaneity | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Stir your heart to the dial where you anticipate the arrival of miracles. Turn it up loud. Why not anticipate a miracle today? Goodness knows, there are plenty of them. Wonder about what miracle, big or little, is waiting around the corner for you. I say big or little in deference to you because that is how you perceive events in the world. You rank them high or low, big or little, wanted, unwanted. Some miracles you like, and some you don’t. Some suit you, and some don’t. Are not the untowardly things also miracles? Has not the universe lined up in such a way that energies converge and one thing happens after another?

But let Us, you and I, speak of the miracles you adore. Of course, there is no greater miracle than you. Note the miracle of the sunrise and the nightfall, and know there is…

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