Is Your Spirituality Rooted, Embodied, and Able to Hold Paradoxes with an Open Heart?

Cosmic Christ

Article by Doug Esse

How do we hold the paradoxes together? Many new agers feel liberated through leaning into spirituality while rejecting religion. I sure understand the impulse. On the other hand, many religious people criticize new age spirituality as lacking a rootedness and meaningful anchors onto which we cling when life really gets hard and painful. I’d say both camps could benefit from being open-minded towards the other.

My biggest vocation right now and my greatest joy is helping people not need to throw out sacred and wonderful babies with toxic and dirty bathwater. Most people chunk both and then sometimes feel unmoored when shit hits the fan. This can lead to such existential anxiety that they become more or less ontologically borderline.  That is, like people with borderline personality disorder, anyone who goes through the unmooring and floating out there without a sense of self or foundational…

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