New Blog – Sunny’s Journal

Sunflower, photo by Eliza Ayres

New Blog – Sunny’s Journal

I would like to announce a new blog of mine which will highlight messages from Sundeelia and myself (as a fractal/fragment of Sundeelia). I have noticed that these messages and articles are not getting too much attention. There may be some of my readers who wish to re-read them and perhaps study them for information pertinent to their own awakening process.

For now I have left comments on with most of the posts on this new blog. If I am inundated with trolls and rude comments, I will shut down comments.

The blog will detail for those who are interested in how it feels to be a walk-in here to your planet during this rather intense transitional period of the planet’s evolution.

I am sure that some of what I write will challenge those readers who still cling to old belief systems. Challenge is to assist change. It is always YOUR choice whether or not to adapt and change or to remain as you are. I do not demand you to change nor do demand you believe everything I write or say. Free will choice is always honored by me and other Pleiadians. Learn to listen to what your body says about whatever you read, listen to, or see… it is a way to learn discernment, i.e., what resonates with you as you are in the NOW.

I wish you all well.

Sunny (aka Eliza Ayres)

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P.S. For those readers who followed The Starseed Highway, that blog has been taken down.