X22 Report, 22 February 2021

Episode 2411a – The [CB] Is Already Doomed, People Are Waking Up To The Rigged Economic System

First the [CB]/Democrats destroyed businesses across the country, Now, after destroying the businesses, they are going to tax those individuals to build those same businesses back up. The pandemic plan was to hurt the little guy and prepare them for the great reset, but something happened along the way, crypto.

Episode 2411b – Green Light, It’s Time To Start Looking At The Other Sides Real Crimes

The [DS]/MSM have fallen right into the trap the patriots set. Everything they wanted them to do has almost been accomplished. It is now time to look at the real crimes; it’s time to unleash the Durham on these individuals. Most likely when they try to get rid of Durham, Durham will unleash it all. 

The SYSTEM is rigged and corrupt.

The DS has set a precedence for any politician to have their taxes reviewed. These people are stupid.