X22 Report, 21 Feb 2021

Episode 2410a – Why Interfere With The [CB] While They Are In The Process Of Destroying Their System

[JB] is in the process of removing the economic gains for the everyday American. The people see what he is doing. When the people see you push an agenda that does not benefit them, especially when it comes to earning money, they turn on you. The [CB] has taken the bait, they are doing what the patriots want.

Episode 2410b – How Do You Break Up Something Big, Define Trap, Make Them Feel The Heat

The [DS] has trapped themselves, they are digging the hole deeper and deeper, there is now way out except one. The patriots are making the [DS] feel the heat, they are panicking, they thought Trump would have attacked by now. They are wrong, this is a marathon not a sprint. The people are experiencing the truth.