Tale from the Lowlands

Stories from the Wood Wide Web

The Lowlands I call my home, land of swamps and rivers rolltowards the sea of North.

Through lands of magic roam, lands of Nether, lands of Holle,

fields flat where wraiths of mist move forth,

to where the black earth turns to sand,

to heather and gentle hills, where giants formed the land.

Land of forests rich of lore and tale

and many voice of old be hailed

From this soil my people cameand in this soil remain

I’m a simple man with a simple name in a land that many tried to tame

I live in the wooded hills and heath of Vale Ouwe, Veluwe to some

Amongst the sacred mounds of life and the dead

It’s where my ancestors rest and lay their head

It’s wheremy heart belongsand where my soul is from.

Hi, my name is Martijn de Vos. I am from the Netherlands and I’m the owner…

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