Law of One and Dreams

Cosmic Christ

Summary by Doug Esse

The Law of One material has some interesting things to say about dreams. Here is a brief summary along with the specific sessions in the Law of One material.


  • “Dreaming in an activity of communication through the veil of the unconscious mind and the conscious mind” [1].
  • Each person’s unconscious is responsible for the dream’s script [2].
  • You can train yourself to recall your dreams by writing down each and every detail upon awakening [3].
  • There exist common dream archetypes that belong to the collective (creating a partial dream-vocabulary) but also very important is the person’s unique dream-vocabulary and archetypes. Each person learns their own dream-language with practice [4].
  • The nature of the dreaming is contingent upon several variables for each person: a) energy center activation; b) energy center blockage; and c) energy center crystallizations (activated, balanced, and harmonious energy centers) [5].
  • For those with…

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