X22 Report, 19 February 2021

Ep. 2409a – If You Know The [CB] Economic Playbook What Advantages Might Exist?

The economy is now taking off, we are experiencing a “V” recovery. Trump’s economic plan is working. What happens when you know the playbook of the [CB], what advantages exist? The patriots are now allowing the [CB] to do what they do best, destroy themselves.

Ep. 2409b – Comms Sent, [DS] Panic, Touchdown Confirmed, The Mission Is Just Beginning

 The [DS]/MSM is now doing exactly what the Patriots want. The mission is about to begin, the plan is moving forward. The last four years was about changing everything, waking people up, putting a plan in place to protect the country. The storm is coming and it will hit the [DS]//MSM when they least expect it. [HRC] sends out comms, is something big about to happen?

MSM journalists are an arm of the DS; digital soldiers are waking up the American people. The [DS] is censoring everyone who questioned the narrative; they’re NOT in control.

Remember, the Plan is to destroy the ENTIRE globalist structure, including the Western Central Bank, not just a few arrests.