Patriot Intel Report, 19 Feb 21

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Patriot Intel Report, 19 February 2021

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  • Cryptos are soaring… Bitcoin @ $52K+
  • Expect economic changes
  • QFS is in place, ready to go
  • Information regarding these economic issues are confidential, need to know
  • Things are on the verge of changing
  • Energetics… off the charts, Saturn sq Uranus, unexpected events
  • Russia is denouncing Biden administration for prejudice and prosecution of Americans, civil liberties being violated, tyranny, similar to Nazi regime tactics with attacks, propaganda, and election fraud
  • SCOTUS decision pending – they did not reveal decision on election fraud on 19th
  • SCOTUS is ultimate protection of the Constitution, will they do what is right?
  • Mercury goes Direct on 20th February
  • The masks are off; this is a battle of Good vs Evil.
  • Some nations are suing social media platforms and binding them for censorship
  • If SCOTUS says ‘no’, it will be done via the Military…
  • Biden isn’t taking phone calls; Kamala Harris is… will there be a State of the Nation speech?
  • Earth changes, cold, cold and colder… 2400 broken weather records all over
  • Earth changes will be an important topic to discuss, Mini Ice Age,
  • Prepare for extreme cold weather (protecting water pipes, fixtures, alternative heating)
  • etc.