How Do I Meet God?

How Do I Meet God?

Michelle Fielding, Spiritual Coach

  • The Awakening, self-questioning and exploring everything, you may experience ‘enlightenment’, deeper knowing, more peace, more meaning
  • God is not a destination, there is no distance or divide between you and God
  • Everyone is created in God’s essence
  • You only need to be in the moment
  • Spiritual practices strengthen the connection
  • Initiations lead to Unity Consciousness
  • Ascension, the journey to attain Unity Consciousness
  • You can choose to walk on Earth as an ascended Master or serve Humanity from Inner Planes
  • Purify your thoughts and hopes
  • Be clear of what your heart desires, embrace them, focus with clarity
  • Be a beacon for others
  • Give thanks to everyone and everything that is already in your life
  • Ask Archangel Michael to release you from those things, people that no longer serve you
  • Be willing to forgive yourself and others
  • I AM a Child of God, God’s Love is within and without
  • Ask Spiritual Hierarchy to assist you to raise and purify your vibration in alignment with your Ascension Journey
  • Ask that your Light be raised
  • Remember that everyone and everything is inter-connected; we are all One