You Can Change Your Mind | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

The dearest of My Children make assumptions. Of course, if you are to undertake any project in Life, you have to start somewhere. You can’t wait until you are infallible before you begin. You now begin with a premise. And a premise is not locked in stone. Your premise and assumptions and conceptions and misconceptions can bend and swerve and grow. You start somewhere, and your bases also change. This is a part of Life on Earth.

In the overall History of Life, once the Earth was considered flat, and now it is considered round. Ideas change. Man’s mind changes.

You know a lot. Certainly, you have learned a lot. And, yet, sometimes it can seem as though you have learned nothing at all. Often you are caught in your tracks. It may even be a good place to be to know that you don’t know all that…

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