Seen from the medical point …


Seen from the medical point I think the nasal form of the test is a probable danger because the hidden access leads via the nose to the “Regio olfactoria”. In this uppermost area of the nasal cavity, the brain, or the fluid surrounding the brain, the so-called liquor, is only removed from the outside world through a bone (the ethmoid) and some cell layers of the nasal mucosa Cut. So it`s very easy to “place” nanoparticles there, which can be “activated” with the vaxx and directed via 5G – frequency manipulation.

Negative forms have more and more troubles in the rising frequency and vibration on the planetary body and so I want to share the latest News about in short form:

Gaian Matrix

There are significant and positive changes taking place in our Universal Matrix at this time, which are happening at progressively higher dimensional layers. Each next layer of…

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