Deer Moon Astrology, 2/19/2021


The Moon’s arrival in Gemini this morning sparks a bit of chaotic interaction and the Venus-Mars square brings forward many bits of emotional insecurity and residual impatience. There is little help provided to help us sort through the disconnected bits of confusing feelings and effectively communicate exactly where our unsettling discomfort may actually be coming from. In truth, we may be feeling more generous and accepting than we are able to show or articulate clearly. The less that we buy into today’s chaos, the more we will be able to understand that today’s chaos is really just a tag end of a process that is leading to better overall collaboration and communication as we move ahead.

Today’s energy on the whole is, in a word, intense. It doesn’t necessarily have to be intense in a bad way, but if you’re not careful it could get away from you when the moon trines Pluto early this morning. Others will…

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