2.18.21 Patriot Intel Report

2.18.21 Patriot Intel Report

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  • Economics – Cryptos are going UP.
  • Energetics: Square between Saturn and Uranus, anything happen to you unexpectedly?
  • Death of Russ Limbaugh, conservative speaker and radio host for decades
  • Geopolitical, Democrats are going crazy… within the next five weeks, everything will turn around. The fake Biden administration will end…
  • SCOTUS will be deciding whether or not they will take up the election fraud cases
  • If they refuse, the military will take action
  • If they decide to wait until autumn, the Democrats could do a great deal of damage…
  • Mercury goes direct on Saturday the 20th
  • Earth changes, SNOW, Middle East, Ireland, Greece, the Central and South United States, Japan; landslides in Ecuador; millions of people without power in Texas, etc. Climate and earth changes will be the BIG NEWS soon.
  • Tip of Day – stay positive
  • Word of the Day – You are going to shift in God’s perfect timing…