X22 Report, 17 February 2021

Episode 2407a – Patriots Pushing The [CB] To The Edge Of Extinction

As more and more states and business open we are seeing exactly what Trump said we would see, a V recovery. Retail is up, manufacturing is up. The [CB] and Wall Street are feeling the pressure, the people are pushing something they don’t want because they will lose control. The [CB] is being pushed to the edge of extinction.

Episode 2407b – The Pandemic Was The Cover, Military Intelligence & No Such Agency Are The Key, POTUS & Patriots Are The Stone

The patriots are in complete control. Trump used the pandemic as cover to put everything in place. He knew once the truth starts to come out the [DS] will react. Optics are important; he has now delegated control the military as soon as this happens. Military Intelligence and No Such Agency (NSA) is the key; they have the information, POTUS and the people are the stone.