The Many Plans and Agendas


It`s imperative to understand that there are MANY plans and Agendas right now playing out. Illuminati against Satanists ( a lot for show), Dems against Rep (also a show), Biden/Trump (big cinema) – but the really important thing is that there is a DEVINE PLAN in order and unfolding with the Ascension of Earth. I always told people how can they talk about ascension in the mind that`s about a Presidency???? I never got this “logic” – 5D is about Unity Consciousness and not about left or right. And so we can observe HOW MANY of the so-called “Love & Light” groups become hi-jacked and completely got lost in the “game”. We HAVETO TRUST OURSELVES and trust OUR INTUITIONS – we are interdimensional beings, celestial beings and no f……ing AI.

On of the first Lords Rothschild said : Give humans the Illusion that they can choose, vote or elect –…

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