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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Consider Me a blanket tucked in around you. Consider Me the pillow you rest on, the bed that holds you. Consider Me the One Who kisses your forehead, Who rocks you, Who sings to you, Who stays with you as you sleep, Who is there when you wake. Consider that I permeate your very being. Consider that I am your very being. Consider that I envelop you in My arms of love. Consider that you consume Me. Go ahead, consume Me. I want you to have such utter awareness of Me that you feel yourself consuming Me. That is one way for Us to merge into awareness of Our Oneness.

Feel yourself overtaking Me. Feel Me overtaking you. Feel Me consuming you. Feel Me stealing off with you. Or feel yourself capturing Me. It is all the same.

I am in the palm of your hand.

And you…

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