Deer Moon Astrology, 2/16/2021


If you’ve refrained from telling someone something important or tried to hide your feelings about something, it’s all likely to come out when the moon squares Pluto around midday.

It might seem like this uncontrollable flood of things you didn’t think you were ready to handle is a bad thing, but that isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, it could be quite healing for you to get it all out in the open. Even if the epiphany is about your own unhelpful behaviors, examining your outlook, actions, and narrative to make necessary changes is better late than never.

In the evening, you get a cosmic kiss from the universe when the sun sextiles the moon. You feel an ease, and you get the sense that it’s safe to let down your guard and just be yourself. This means that if you realized some difficult things earlier in the day, you’ll…

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