Scott McKay Interview w/Nick Veniamen, 2.16.21

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Scott McKay Interview with Nick Veniamen, February 16, 2021

Rumble — GOP Senators vote to convict Trump are now targeted by the voters. Special Guest discusses the swamp running block on soldiers who are victims of the Burn Pits

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Earthseeds, Starseeds, Moon Chain Beings, Saturn and Satanism


Let me tell you something about EARTHSEEDS (in contrary to starseeds): Earthseed

There are extradimensional forces that have exploited the human race for very long periods of time by harnessing the power of humans and by harnessing the power of this planet in purposes that are very counter-evolutionary, constricting and ultimately degenerating and destructive for the species as a whole. So here we are at a certain apex in the Ascension process where our family of light, and when I say our family of light a simple way, this is very simplified, to discuss the beings that are in the human experiment on planet Earth at this time we could kind of call them ‘Earthseeds’ and ‘Starseeds’. And Earthseeds were souls that came to the planet earth to experience, never created nor destroyed, but through the creational experience of God source, to feedback the treasures of experience and knowledge into…

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Free Will | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

Dearest child…there have been a great many changes to your Earth plane over the past few months and you have handled them admirably!  But you may have also noticed there are some that have not dealt with them at all and that is okay. (Smiling) Even though you may want to, you cannot force, cajole or persuade them into seeing what you see.  You can ask that they receive unconditional love, guidance and the ability to change when they are ready.  That is the gift of free will. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Astrology February 16, 2021: The Aries Moon Squares Pluto

Cosmic Life Coach

Cosmic Weather:

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” Beverly Sills

The Waxing Moon wraps up her hectic stay in Aries, late tonight. But well before she does that, she will square forceful Pluto in dutiful Capricorn (1:32 pm), an alignment that tends to more fully enlist our passions, as well as endow us with a greater sense of urgency of what needs to be done. On the plus side, this is potentially excellent energy for giving a final push to something. On the shadow side, it can sometimes correlate with sudden power grabs/compulsively acting out our emotions. Fortunately, Luna will sextile the detached Aquarian Sun, early this evening (7:17 pm), which is also likely a chance for us to hit the equilibrium reset button if need be. Ideally, this is also a very nice, supportive aspect for fostering a lively synergy with others. The Aries Moon will…

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God Prays | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Consider Me a blanket tucked in around you. Consider Me the pillow you rest on, the bed that holds you. Consider Me the One Who kisses your forehead, Who rocks you, Who sings to you, Who stays with you as you sleep, Who is there when you wake. Consider that I permeate your very being. Consider that I am your very being. Consider that I envelop you in My arms of love. Consider that you consume Me. Go ahead, consume Me. I want you to have such utter awareness of Me that you feel yourself consuming Me. That is one way for Us to merge into awareness of Our Oneness.

Feel yourself overtaking Me. Feel Me overtaking you. Feel Me consuming you. Feel Me stealing off with you. Or feel yourself capturing Me. It is all the same.

I am in the palm of your hand.

And you…

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The Secret Power of Sound, Vibration, and Frequency

The Secret Power of Sound, Vibration, and Frequency

Universe Within You

Check out Danilo’s YouTube channel – HoloVibes:

Our video about Royal Rife and his Frequency Device:

Instantly Raise Your Vibration – The Most Powerful Methods

The 12 Universal Laws: The Law of Attraction is Just One

Narration: Petra Ortiz –

Deer Moon Astrology, 2/16/2021


If you’ve refrained from telling someone something important or tried to hide your feelings about something, it’s all likely to come out when the moon squares Pluto around midday.

It might seem like this uncontrollable flood of things you didn’t think you were ready to handle is a bad thing, but that isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, it could be quite healing for you to get it all out in the open. Even if the epiphany is about your own unhelpful behaviors, examining your outlook, actions, and narrative to make necessary changes is better late than never.

In the evening, you get a cosmic kiss from the universe when the sun sextiles the moon. You feel an ease, and you get the sense that it’s safe to let down your guard and just be yourself. This means that if you realized some difficult things earlier in the day, you’ll…

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X22 Report, 15 February 2021

Episode 2405a – The Movement Has Begun, The Patriots Are Coming For The [CB]s

The push is on to put pressure on the [CB]. People will now start to wake up to the fact that the fiat currency is worthless. The people are now being exposed to a new currency. The [CB]s are in trouble, the Great Reset is in trouble. The [CB] in Myanmar has been taken over, this is just the beginning.

Episode 2405b – We The People Are Taking Down The Global Power Structure, The Day Of Reckoning Is Upon Us

The patriots are now pushing the plan forward, the [DS]/MSM have lost, the people see it all and many more are waking up. The elite global power structure is being dismantled. The day of reckoning is upon us. Trump let everyone know that in the months ahead he has something to share. The DOD put a pic of George Washington crossing the Delaware, message received. Dan Scavino sends another message.