X22 Report, 14 February 2021

Episode 2404a – Trump Led The [CB] Down His Economic Path To Destroy Them, Think Digital & Gold

Trump and the patriots led the [CB]/[DS] down the wrong economic path. Trump used their illusion against them, he reversed everything they were doing. In the meantime, he was building the plan to destroy the [CB] and helping the people to weather the storm. Now it’s too late.

Episode 2404b – Trump You Won’t See Me For A While, Be Extremely Mysterious To Direct Your Opponents Fate

Trump has told us the plan the entire time; we weren’t listening closely enough. Yes, he is going to bring down the entire system, yes he is going to make arrests, but first he will wake up America, and have the [DS] feel pain during the entire process. He is allowing them to be exposed to as many people as possible. He is going to attack them when they least expect it. He told us that he was going to go away for a while, he told us [JB] will probably be removed by the 25th Amendment. He said a long time ago he needed to the swamp. Everything is in motion and the [DS] are finished; last Phase.

Pandora’s Box – the Second Impeachment