Tragedy Is Configured in the Mind | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

I say that all is well. I say that tragedy is a false interpretation. Tragedy exists in the human mind. It is a fallacy. Oh, yes, there is drama. Drama is colorful. In the minds of humankind, tragedy is configured.
How can there be tragedy when everyone is with Me, safe and sound and glorious with Me?
Death is not tragedy. Life is not tragedy.
Attachment gives the strong illusion that tragedy is true. The idea of tragedy arises in the thoughts of the human mind: “This should not have happened.”
It happened. Death of the body is part of life.
On the other hand, you may say: “Such and such was supposed to have happened, and it didn’t.” Thus, more tragedy is produced in the human mind whether you want it or not, yet it is you who turns human life into…

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