Love will Steer the Stars

Koyopa Rising

Dismount from the merry-go-round. Reconnect with the Earth. Ask to feel the SUNshine. Let the SUN shine in. Then trust that Peace will guide the planets, and Love will steer the stars.

The answers you are looking for will never be fully addressed inside the loops of this virtual theme park.

I’m feeling a growing acceleration and intensity in the earth and her relationship with humanity. Yesterday, I broke through to a new layer of insight in my Sunday connecting time. Soon I won’t be able to reach you via word language. It isn’t that I can’t type out or record my words here anymore. It’s that what I’m sharing will make less and less sense to those who are choosing to stay on the carnival ride, believing that the park “authorities” know what’s best for us. Not that my work made a lot of sense to people in the…

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