Dark Outpost w/Simon Parkes

Dark Outpost Interview w/Simon Parkes, 8 February 2021

Dark Outpost

The host, David Zublick, first shares an update on what has taken place in Washington D.C., a clean-up of the bunkers and tunnels under the White House and the Capitol Building. Thousands of children and adults were freed, most in miserable condition. No one is living there.

Simon Parkes comes on later, shares some intel, as well as some of his own background.

According to Simon Parkes: Joe Biden is not in charge; Obama is probably running the show. JB is running his fake government out of a movie set. Jeff Bezos of Amazon has stepped down, possibly due to pressure from the Military. JB doesn’t have access to Air Force One. He cannot go out and talk with people due to his dementia. The military refuses to salute the fake President. JB wants to have a weekly ‘phone-in’ with international leaders. The inauguration was fake, too.