Astrology February 15, 2021: The Waxing Moon in Aries

Cosmic Life Coach

Cosmic Weather:

“It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.” George Eliot

Luna kicks off our Monday in restless, enterprising Aries, perhaps inspiring us to take swift action on matters that (ideally) net immediate results. The Aries Moon is typically best for attending to short-term projects. With Luna also entering her Waxing Crescent Phase, mid-morning (10:40 am), the path toward illumination is really just beginning to build, so this is not the best time for massive leaps forward but rather for focusing on taking smaller action steps that can help to foster more faith and positivity in our capabilities over time. (Too, Mercury is still retrograde!)

There’s also an opportunity for empowering collaboration or networking with others on shared goals/shared purposes as the energetic Aries Moon forms several sextiles to a stellium of planets in collective-ruling Aquarius, including harmonizing Venus, which…

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