#UNRIG ELECTIONS: Juan O. Savin (P) Update of 13th February 2021

UNRIG ELECTIONS: Juan O. Savin (P) Update of 13th February 2021

Robert David Steele

Revolutionary war against the Globalists (international banking cartels, foreign intelligence agencies and bloodline families). FBI has proclaimed Trump-supporters as domestic terrorists. The FBI is corrupt. Last ditch efforts through Congress and the courts… after these are done, the Military will be fully responsible for protecting the Constitution, the American people. We are under a militarized situation. The military has basically locked down Washington D.C. Will be restoring civilian control, eventually.

Trump stepped down as the last CEO of the U.S. Corporation.

The ‘Enemy’ doesn’t control America; it is too huge. The Liberals in the Washington D.C. bubble think they’re in control; they’re not.

State by State, the awakening continues. Florida is unmasked (except in stores). The sentiment is spreading nationwide.

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