End Time Madness, Mental Illness and Ascension

End Time Madness, Mental Illness and Ascension

End Time Madness; where the light becomes lighter and the dark becomes darker. Mental Illness endured during this ascension window. like most other ailments is experiencing extreme’s in how it may display; for some that means healing and for others it means symptoms may flare. The sun is it’s interaction with our planet as we lose our magnetic field, accounts for a lot of this fluctuation. This interaction between us and the cosmos is what drives ascension. It’s normal to feel extreme’s right now as we are in an extreme period. At that point however, of full 5D ascension, each bodies individual blue print is restored and we will know the return to our true selves on all levels.

Let’s go Beyond Forgiveness into a reclamation of the innocence of the lost self, you can access more info here: https://kerryk.net/beyond-forgiveness…