Transits for the Aquarius-Pisces Lunation

Becca Tarnas

The lunation cycle begins with six celestial bodies—the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn—aligned in the sign of Aquarius, a potent stellium fusing together a wide array of archetypal energies. Polarities are constellated as the heart contracts and expands, and the mind explores widely before honing in on a concrete but ambitious vision.

The most significant alignment of the month is the first exact square of Saturn and Uranus, a major world transit that will be in the sky until 2023. Great tensions are at a breaking point as many opposites are constellated; the potential for sudden and unexpected crises arise and demand to be handled with both authority and innovation. The times cry out for structural change at every level of society, which will either come through careful and intentional revisioning or through irrecoverable cracks to the foundation that may lead to the crumbling of institutions that can…

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