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Review by Paul Levinson

(Editor’s Note: From time to time, Midnight Oil Studios posts important articles and reviews from leading scholars. The below article is by one of the leading media scholars in the world, Paul Levinson. We appreciate Paul’s permission to republish this review which originally appeared on the Media Ecology List.)

The full title ofPostjournalism and the Death of Newspapers. The Media after Trump: Manufacturing Anger and Polarizationby Andrey Mir says it all: the delivery of news on Twitter and social media to an increasing majority of people has replaced the attempt to disseminate facts and truth on traditional news media, with the new goal of massive engagement via likes, retweets, and shares, with the result that an informed public, however imperfectly constructed, is being shoved aside by a polarized populace seething with anger. I would add: this is also the best book on media theory…

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4 thoughts on “Postjournalism

    • Thanks for letting me know. However, his article is interesting. I actually found the link to it on Telegram from an open-minded person… We can’t judge our fellow humans for misunderstanding the motivations of our now former President (actually, who is in charge now? Apparently, the Military) for in doing so, we are mirroring their fear of change and fear of stepping beyond programmed responses to life. Oddly enough, it seems to be more difficult for highly educated (programmed) individuals to move beyond what they have been taught to believe in. Let’s all attempt to apply some compassion when relating to those who are still in the dark about what has really gone on in the world.

      • Yes … I was enjoying his logic and everything he was saying resonated and then “boom”. It was quite the surprise to put it nicely. Eliza … early last year I came across your site and visit frequently. So many wonderful sources. You’ve contributed profoundly to both my husband and my awakening. Deepest thanks for all you do.

      • I may be guilty of not reading the entire article, Donna. Sorry. Perhaps I should have vetted the material more closely since this is a new author to me. However, I am not responsible for another person’s reaction to what is written. Actually, I have quite of few of my own and consequently, am working to rise above the need to react and judge. I cannot tolerate watching MSM news for more than a few seconds! The ‘intelligentsia’ of this country are actually demonstrating their profound lack of common sense and willingness to compromise their selves for a buck or out of fear. The control system running the media is very persuasive; those who step out of line, die or lose their livelihoods. We all have room to grow and come into an acceptance of those things we have in common rather than our differences. Thank you for your kind comment.

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