Planetary Intervention: Special Forces-Nordic Delegations, UFO Crashes…

Planetary Intervention: Special Forces – Nordic Delegations, UFO Crash Retrievals & Alien Firefights

SphereBeingAlliance (Corey Goode)

An insider (‘Daniel’) from a secret Government Group called ‘Earth Force’ shared his experiences with Fabio Santos. According to this insider, Specialized Elite Earth Forces provide perimeter support for Nordic ET meetings with Earth Officials, Battle Reptilian and Grey Aliens over Crashed UFOs, and the long history of Reptilians coming to the surface of the planet to hunt and kill Humans and how we started fighting back.

Dr. Michael Salla and Fabio Santo’s discuss a new insider that claims all of these experiences and more.

More of ‘Daniel’s’ experiences are in the book – Planetary Intervention.

Planetary Intervention Paperback –…