Like the Still Waters | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

The value of being in a relaxed state is quintessential. You do not require tension in order to survive in the world. In fact, you will flourish better without it. Why then would a child of Mine choose tension? You already know this. When you physically trip over something and lose your balance, you know it is valuable to relax. You know you will have a gentler fall.

This is how it is in life too. When life trips you up, it’s also best to relax on the way down. Whatever your situation, it is best to be easy with it. Have you really thought that tension is of benefit to you? The opposite is true. Who can think when he is tense? Tension ties you up in knots.

What trouble can there be when you relax? Yes, something untoward may befall, yet, when you stay relaxed instead…

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