The Hidden Hand


Excerpt from HIDDEN HAND about HARVEST:

HH: By the governments, generally, yes. People are seen as ‘collateral’. Pawns that are maneuvered around the chess board, according to the game plan. By the Family, contrary to popular beliefs, many of us do not mean you any harm directly. There is just the matter of divine destiny to uphold and unfold, and we must play our parts in the game, as given to us by the Creator. In many ways, it is actually in our own interest that you are prepared for the coming Harvest. Just not maybe prepared in quite the way that you would like. Still, even then, you are choosing the Negative Polarity with your own Free Will decisions, with a little ‘help’ and direction from us. Souls are Harvestable in either ‘extreme’ of the Polarities, one could say.

ATS: If so, how do we become…

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6 thoughts on “The Hidden Hand

  1. Oh wow… just back to log into my blog today and the Universe speaks… My hubby and I read documents of this , I am sure it was called the Hidden hand years ago… We had a printed out version a friend gave us… and we lost it…. We were only speaking of this document a few days ago. and here you provide the link…. THANK YOU… the universal laws working yet again…

    I have not even gone into my own blog as of yet.. and up pops this as I try to catch up in reader… Sending love your way Eliza… things are hotting up right now….Lots of love your way … ❤

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