Oracle Message for You ~ Be Still & You Will find the Magic!

Archangels and Devas Blog

Close Encounters



Key concepts: vulnerability as a strength, letting others see your wounds as well as your strengths, setting healthy boundaries

Th is is a time of connection that asks for you to be vulnerable and authentic: let go of any social masks or constructs you use to keep yourself apart from others. Lower your shields and allow yourself to step into a dance of intimacy. When you become close to people, you remind yourself that you are not alone; you’re
part of a beautiful, meaningful bond. At a deep spiritual level, there are so many lessons offered to you in this closeness. At a social level, intimate relationships help you ignite the spark of life that is the power of affinity. You flourish as a result of offering emotional honesty, a true desire for equality, love, friendship, and laughter.

We aren’t meant to be alone. Yet…

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