The Great Invocation

The Great Invocation from Master Djwhal Khul

Introduction to the Great Invocation by Michelle Fielding

The Great Invocation is a powerful world prayer. Reintroduced to humanity at various times, it was intended to be the Christ’s own mantra for the Aquarian age. In order to save humanity from self-destruction during World War Two, Holy Master Djwhal Khul reintroduced this powerful invocation through His disciple Alice Bailey who channeled and translated it. It is a part of the full prayer given to the world to end the great war.

The Great Invocation is a gift to Humanity. It helps human beings to align themselves to the great Divine Plan of Source and calibrate the purpose of the soul. It aligns the soul to greater light, greater love and greater power, the three aspects of God for which we continuously take birth.

By saying this invocation three times, one can call forth a tremendous downpour of Divine blessings. And by channeling this energy to a situation, we can realign the situation to be restored to God’s Will, God’s Light and God’s Love.

How to use this prayer to serve Humanity:

There is a great need of this prayer once again in these current circumstances we are experiencing on Earth. Let us join our hearts and souls for the service of humanity. You can recite the Great Invocation three times during the day, three times each time.

Put your hands in the blessing position, with your palms facing outward. Visualize the Earth like a small ball, about one foot away in front of you. Keep your focus on your crown, hands and feet. The divine energy enters through your crown centre and with your palms and your feet you are now blessing Mother Earth with this energy. Recite the Great Invocation three times and with the intention to bless every person and every being on Earth without exception. Blessing Earth with rapid and proper healing for all who had been affected with the Coronavirus especially.

Together we can heal our beloved Mother Earth!

Michelle Fielding

Note from Editor: This Invocation has been used by different groups for a century, within memory.

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