Global Marshall Law – How Earth Came Under Control of the Dracos 16,500 YEARS ago

Global Marshall Law – How Earth Came Under Control of the Dracos 16,500 YEARS ago

Know Thy Enemy

This video will show you the real chart of Earth`s control structure, and who were dominating every part of world`s economy and society. This control structure is thousands of years old and always was under control of the Draco… until this century.

The Plan has fragmented… their plans are not working any more. Earth is now officially under a ‘Peace Treaty’… The plan or agreement between the Earth humans (a subset) and the Dracos ENDED in 2012.

Interesting video… Seems to be related in some fashion to GESARA but under a different name.

Per Project Camelot: The above was from 2019 and contains very good info about the power structure…As of 2020, however, she declared war on the deep state… It doesn’t matter who Kim Goguen is… or what you think of her. The above video is still more correct in the description of the pyramids of power over Earth and humans.

Editor Note: This is actually a good explanation for the ‘why’ all of the plans of the Deep State are failing to take hold despite their attempts to control humanity. Their control… their supreme leaders control is over… was over in 2012. In 2015, the last of the Dracos were removed from the planet. Only Marduk, their commander, was left and when he rebelled against the new order, he was killed. So, there is no power or authority behind the Deep State and their minions anymore; hence, all their plans will go awry. That is good news for humanity and the planet, which the Dracos intended to destroy, too.