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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Effort does not bring your awareness closer to Me. Direction does. The direction of your thoughts. The direction of your thoughts resembles your willingness, so it is your willingness that brings your awareness of Me closer and closer. In willingness, you walk up a step, and another. Or you sidle over closer to Me, or you turn around and see Me. You begin to see the Reality of Me.

You sense.

You sense My nearness.

You sense My presence.

You pay attention to Me.

Your willingness beckons Me. You call Me over to you. You invite Me. Your awareness nudges ever closer to Me. Your awareness stalks Me as a lover looks for the sight of his love in every street.

There is no dearth of Me. I am plentiful.

Sometimes you have wondered where I can be, or if I am. And all the time, I haveā€¦

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