Law of One References the Infinite Creator as Reality that Is Triune, Personal, and Ankh-Shaped.

Cosmic Christ

By Doug Esse

The following is a list of Law of One material quotes that highlight foundational themes for me. As someone from the mystical Christian background, these main themes which I found in the Law of One helped me to trust Ra’s metaphysics. I referenced them in my interview with Rick Archer at Buddha At the Gas Pump.


The Triune Nature of the Infinite Creator

Transcendent Nature:

13.13 “allbeginsandendsinmystery.”

28.16 However, it has been impressed upon us by our own teachers that there is amystery-clad unity of creation in which all consciousness periodically coalesces and, again, begins. Thus we can only say we assume an infinite progression, though we understand it to be cyclical in nature and, as we have said, clad inmystery.

81.16 There are portions of the seventh density which, although described to us by our teachers, remainmysterious.

97.9 To put this into perspective we must…

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