Juan O’Savin Provides Updates w/ Michael Jaco

Juan O’Savin Provides Updates w/ Michael Jaco, February 8, 2021

Michael Jaco

  • CIA safe house in Germany, servers, clarification
  • Intelligence agencies arrayed against Trump
  • Military contingent seized materials and servers during the episode
  • Connection between Dominion, Sidel voting machines and Switzerland Post Office (gov’t)
  • Americans re-thinking their role in the world
  • Trump is being seen in a different light now
  • How do we get America back on track?
  • Exposing the corporate and familial corruption existing in the United States
  • Collective awakening of Americans
  • Cabal forces are slaves to symbolism, astrology, and numerology, very cultish
  • Cabal minions are certifiable mentally ill
  • The US has been a ‘captured operation’; other nations are in the same bind, being manipulated by the Globalists who are aiming for PLANETARY DOMINION
  • This operation is NOT about just making America great, again, it has been about saving the world — fix America and then we can help other countries to recover from this virus