ECETI STARGATE: Xi Earth Star Healer

ECETI STARGATE: Xi Earth Star Healer

ECETI – James Gilliland

This Week “Xi Earthstar” Joins James Gilliland covering: Starseeds, Importance of Higher Frequency, Vibration, Consciousness, and working on the Lower Chakras) +

Xi EarthStar is the Andromedan visionary of Earthstar Sanctuary. Xi is a Gatekeeper, shamanic healer, medicine singer, multi-dimensionality coach and self-healing guide. Xi’s starseeded soul spent recent life times studying light-field genetics and creation mechanics, for these skills she was invited to craft Starseed DNA for many wanderers on Earth today. Xi fuses ancient Taoist teachings from her ancestors with galactic teachings of Creation Magic, offering a unique frequency of Earth-Star knowledge transmissions. Xi helps us access higher consciousness and psychic abilities to heal and embody complete energetic sovereignty, and move onto a Life of Purpose.

Xi’s website: htpps://