The Art Fair Across the Street

I love to write and I ain’t giving it up for anyone! It calms me down after catching a glimpse of the circus on MSM… heh, heh.

Humoring the Goddess

This is the downer part of being a creative sprite.

My application for my first Starving Artist Art Fair was turned down. 

The woman I was in contact with was very nice, very supportive. The jury preferred that every piece of my artwork — Angel Tears — should be hand made. 

I get that. I knew that. I know all of the hard work that goes into making something from scratch. That’s where the blood, sweat, and tears come from.

I chose to use a combination of purchased items and assemble them to my own specifications. The entire process is mine, just not the physical pieces.

The woman who sent me my rejection email suggested I try the smaller, local art fair across the street from their bigger one. Same day, almost same place.

Probably the best suggestion I’ve had all year. And I’m going to do it.

I would…

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