It’s good to see you back, Rosalie!

The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy

Hello, peeps!  Sorry to have dropped out on you for so long, but I’m back, just as the lull is over and the Storm blows up and out into the open!

My work is for everyday people like myself, to help us all understand what’s happening in this old Earth.  And there’s a lot happening! Besides spiritual knowing, my guide in understanding what to expect is that this is Year 8 of the Transformation to the new era ~ from the Age of Barbarianism to the Age of Compassion.  The Transformation technically ends in 2030.  I expect—know—that

All organized darkness will be GONE by 2030. 

You know it’s New Earth, so be an optimistic.

A lot of things going on now are darker than most people ever believed that whole groups of people could ever do.  Some things that come to light might make you reel and almost pass out…

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