BEN FULFORD: Transition to a New Age for the American Continent Set to Begin

Ben in Canada

Benjamin Fulford’s Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis, 8 February 2021

Transition to a New Age for the American Continent Set to Begin

P3 sources say Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is now the de facto Director calling the shots as interim caretaker, so-called President Joe Biden is holding his oval office appearances at the Castle Rock, Amazon Studios in Culver City, California.

The White House in Washington DC remains unoccupied.  According to a colleague with a White House Press pass:

“The White House…press office and WH press contacts phone numbers have been disconnected, but I am still receiving forwarded emails from another server other than the White House.  Also, the public comment line at the White House has been closed…this is just on the surface and is playing out to wake the sleepwalkers but I don’t see how they can keep up with this ruse for much longer.”

The so-called regime now “controlling” the United States has already proposed to other countries the idea of holding online meetings.  In other words, it is just a matter of time before the leaders of other governments realize there is no physical Biden competent enough mentally for them to meet.

The P3 now wants Bezos to oversee a transition to a new system based on meritocracy and real-time democracy.  They say he was assigned following a failed attempt by the Rockefeller family and the Khazarian Mafia to hand the U.S. over to Communist China in exchange for vast amounts of money.

When the Rockefellers were removed from control by the Illuminati, the Chinese Communist Party – also controlled by the Khazarian Mafia – retaliated by trying to invade Taiwan.

Now, following the CCP defeat in the air war over Taiwan, the CCP seized de facto control of Pakistan and Myanmar.  They now have India surrounded and are threatening to invade it.

The military coup in Myanmar, which accounts for roughly 10% of global rare earth metal production, temporarily sent shares of Chinese rare earth companies surging, driven by fears that instability and U.S. sanctions could disrupt exports.

Also, on February 3rd, the U.S. and Japanese military were staging a live-fire drill at a training ground near Mt.  Fuji when a massive fire erupted that raged uncontrolled all night.  It was briefly reported in the Japanese media before a news black-out was enforced.  None of our contacts was willing to talk about what happened but it looks like they were attacked, probably by the Chinese.

However, according to Japanese military intelligence, the Chinese Communist Party is about to…

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The Chinese Communist Party is a puppet of the ‘invisible enemy’; it is not the Chinese people who have died by the millions during the last 70+ years of its domination.

All ‘isms’ are a creation of the Globalists (the Khazarian Mafia and associated criminal cartels) designed to divide and conquer humanity.

Biden is a puppet and not a very useful one. His handlers are already considering removing him from ‘office’ and putting in Kamala Harris, who as a naturalized citizen born to two Commonwealth citizens is not actually eligible to hold office in the United States, much less the Presidency. She is a puppet as well and probably being blackmailed (conjecture on my part).

The US Military is in control. What is currently on MSM is for optics. The DS and its minions, including all local petty tyrants are now being exposed for their true opinions about the American people and cultural beliefs. Trust the Man, #45. He keeps his promises. Military personnel cannot reveal what is really going on. They have oaths to keep and have signed Non-Disclosure Statements. They will not openly reveal what is going on until after it has happened… and maybe not even then.