Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Richard Savoie

Superb atmosphere from a northern perspective. He’s fabulous!

Humoring the Goddess

Richard Savoie is a Quebec painter born in Moncton New Brunswick.

Savoie comes from a family of artists, including an uncle who is part of Canada’s National Gallery.

Savoie is known for his beautiful oil paintings of winter landscapes and urban environments.

The subjects of his paintings become part of the mystery as they slowly walk further into the distance with their back turned on the narrator.

Many of his works specializes in frosty winters bursting with light, even if depicted in the middle of the night.

Savoie astonishes with an impeccable visual memory, a skill with which he paints and, in turn, places the viewer at the exact place and time as experienced by the artist himself.

Each work reveals another fragment of the universe in a tapestry of light and color that allows viewers to savor the finesse of his fresh and spontaneous approach.

Richard Savoie‘s work…

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Richard Savoie

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  2. Beautiful and True. I’m from Eastern Canada, now living in Western Canada and oh, how Mr. Savoie’s paintings brought back wonderful winter night memories. Exactly how I remember walking on quiet streets lined with the brightly lit windows of brick and stone houses, snow falling ever-so-gently. Thank you! Love, B.

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