X22 Report, 5 February 2021

Episode 2397a – The [DS]/[CB] Is Now Doing All The Economic Work For Trump

The economy is now taking off, cities, states are now opening, the [DS]/[CB] is now doing all the work, this is exactly what Trump wanted. The unemployment rate dropped to 6.3 and we are seeing a V recovery. Trump lost billions while being President compared to the other Presidents who became millionaires.

The ‘plandemic’ was a political tool directed against Trump. Now, that Biden is ‘president’, suddenly the cases are dropping. The ‘system’ must be taken down completely.

Episode 2397b – Game Theory, The Take Down Will Be On The Patriots Timetable

 The [DS]/MSM is now being brought down a path where they are going to be trapped, this is game theory. The [DS] doesn’t know the plan, Trump and the patriots are controlling the optics, which means it seems nothing is happening until it happens all at once. The timetable has already been established, public opinion and the trap is now moving forward.

  • Wall Street is rigged
  • Big Tech is backed up by a complicit mainstream media
  • Big Pharmacy – creating synthetic medications that create more health issues
  • Big Ag – GMOs, resource destruction
  • Establishment politicians – protect the big companies
  • RNC does not work for the people
  • Hollywood is full of pedovores and pedophiles, witches and warlocks
  • Election machines – why are counties protecting these machines? Are they trying to hide something?
  • Trump won 14 cases based on election fraud
  • 25 cases still remain active now
  • Time magazine claims it was ‘okay’ to manipulate the election to ‘preserve’ democracy