Message to the Truthseekers of Earth: Change is Upon YOU!

Message to the Truth-seekers of Earth: Change is Upon YOU!

Magenta Pixie

Walk forward with open eyes. Merge truth-seeking with inner knowing and look to the ‘hidden’ as it reveals itself. Message to the truth-seekers of Earth… Change is upon you.

Three different streams of information to inform the Truth-seekers:

  • clairvoyants, channelers, empathic intuitives, conduits, psychics
  • Whistleblowers and informants who have left the Control, focused on takedown of the Cabal
  • Emergency channels, organic Matrix of Light, reserved only for leaders within political arena

Empaths and channels… your own intuitive abilities will lead you to the true ones. Some people are plants and unreliable.

Informant and whistleblowers can present information to best of their abilities… discernment is needed.

The third stream is highly unlikely to be compromised. Use your empathic intuitive abilities on ALL information.

Each stream should be open to collaborate with other streams.

Be the Channel, intuitive empath, and psychic for yourself to strengthen your own alignment to discern and you will be guided to the Truth wherever it comes. Critical thinkers and empathic intuitives will see through the lies.

Chaotic distractions are designed to hide cabal-controlled programming. The cabal reach of influence is shrinking. Distraction technique doesn’t work as it once did (namely, ‘false flags’)

Arenas to look at: UFO mysteries, bioplasma, the Moon and the planets, the Sun, the comings and goings around the Sun, the frozen winter world, the preserved lands within Antarctica, finance/wealth/money

What has been hidden will come to Light, piece by piece…

Lightworkers who live in unity consciousness, remember your Sisters and Brothers… treat them with compassion.