US Military Stops Biden’s Treason – Puts Hold On Wild EOs that Jeopardize National Security

BREAKING:US Military Stops Biden’s Treason-Puts hold on wild EO’s that jeopardized National Security


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There is a reason that General Charles Flynn (General Mike Flynn’s younger brother), is now heading up Pacific Command. Xi & the CCP China is getting over confident now that their weak, compromised & treasonous preference for the White House is now in Office. But Biden has overstepped his boundaries already in jeopardizing America’s national security.

Find out why the US Interregnum has put public restraints on the dangerous and manifold Executive orders Joe Biden signed the past 13 days, Biden is already funding and arming a near nuclear capable radical regime in Tehran thus upsetting the balance of power in the Middle East -cancelling already in the pipeline Saudi F 35 fighter deals with America. Now a embolden Iran to is planning to start a new war in the region – jeopardizing the national security of our allies in the region including Israel.

Red China’s President Xi is very happy since any major war in the Middle East would provide a grand distraction of the US and West with their quest to conquer Taiwan and further consolidate power in Hong Kong, Burma, Tibet, Mongolia and parts of India.

You see Xi has just said that he and the People’s “Republics” of China have a MANDATE FROM HEAVEN to control the world & make it a better place for all. Evidently Beijing Biden doesn’t see any of this as a threat but is actively encouraging Xi in his Imperialistic mission – all to the detriment of the United States of America & its freedom loving citizens.

Well, American patriots in the DOD and Armed Services are now having something to say about more of Joe Biden’s Treason.

God Bless America,

Frederico Cardella