X22 Report, 3 February 2021

Ep. 2395a – The [CB] Plan For The Economy Is Now Brought Out Into The Open

The people are starting to realize that [JB] is now creating the economy to support the 16 year plan and not the American people. The [Biden] administration is now moving forward to give benefits to illegals. Oil begins to rise and the US mint is reporting that they cannot keep up with silver and gold demand.

Ep. 2395b – Space Force Critical To Mission, [DS] Overlooked It, Military Is The Only Way Forward

The [DS]/MSM overlooked the Space Force. They believe it is not important, it is not a threat. This is exactly what the patriots wanted. The SF is the command center for cyber warfare. The patriots have it all, they already have the evidence, they are now building public opinion. Trump will make his move when the time is right and it’s almost time.