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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Do not dissemble. Do not make statements that are not so. Do you think you create harmony when you tell a sales clerk you will come back later when it is the case that you have no intention of coming back later? What makes you think that by slurring over the truth that you are being kind, or do you perhaps think you are being clever?

You do not have to come back later. You are not obligated. How much kinder you would be to say you are going to keep looking. It doesn’t take more words. Did you think it was nicer of you to say you would come back? What were you thinking? Untruth is untruth. Give truth to another and do not kid yourself.

The salesperson has had enough experience to know that you are not going to come back. And so you make the…

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1 thought on “To Be Truthful | Heavenletters

  1. Thank You God,I Love You,Thank You Heavenletters,I Love You,Thank You Blue Dragon Journal,I Love You,Thank You Denise( am linking from this website,It is not the intention of the advertisement,please forgive it,it may cause misunderstanding,although it may have the effect of the advertisement,I am just grateful and let you know how I came here,so thank you,thank you.)I Love You,Thank You Google Translate(I am Chinese,I read in Chinese through translator,I’m sorry,I don’t understand English),I Love You,Thank You God,I Love You,Thank You Love,I Love You,Thank You Myself,I Love You.(I’m sorry to write too much,so I appreciate it,thank you.)(Can it be published?Thank you,Maybe my message can give some suggestions to readers,thank you.)(Today I read this article about honesty from God.I have a feeling that God says I am dishonest.I didn’t tell the people around me that there is a higher world,or I didn’t tell others the truth about me.Sorry God,please forgive me.Now is the time to tell the truth,thank you.)

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