Discussion w/Charlie, RD Steele, Simon Parkes, Sasha Stone

Discussion w/Charlie, RD Steele, Simon Parkes, Sasha Stone

Charlie Ward Show

Socialism leads to Communism: 61 years ago Khrushchev prophesied America would fall to communism slowly through the control of the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Poverty
  • Debt
  • Gun Control
  • Welfare
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Class warfare

Disinformation is necessary during a military operation.

Charlie said this plan has been in formation for well over a decade. Mentioned Santa Surfing has done a video containing great deal of COURT information about arrests.

Timeline set for possible announcements for Military control over the US government. The GCR is ‘imminent’

Parkes – ‘We’re planning for ‘it’ to happen.”

Jeff Bezo is stepping down as CEO of Amazon.

The people are DESPERATE for something to happen. They want answers. They want to ‘see’ to believe. EBS may only go over American networks. Simon Parkes wants to know why the non-American networks won’t get the news.

The British throne and the Vatican have fallen.

God-fearing public are sick of the Left, cultural Marxism propaganda, etc.

Biden is showing the bizarre behavior of the Left. His own team is ready to remove him by mid-February.

Goal posts are changing…

We all got to support each other. Trust the plan.

Plastic patriots have also been revealed.

This is a Divine Comedy that we are all now witnessing… sit back, watch, and enjoy the Show as 13,000 years of ancient corrupt control systems crack, disintegrate and fall away…