Patriot Intel Report, 2.2.21

Patriot Intel Report, 2.2.21

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  • Silver wars
  • QFS is not being used yet, running/tested/strong. The old system is falling apart, collapsing…
  • Geopolitical – Black Swan event? In the middle of Mercury Retrograde, much will be revealed. It will feel like nothing is happening… then will get ludicrous… tension will build… things are going on behind the scenes. Myanmar military came out and claimed the elections were fraudulent (the old government is a Cabal puppet, friends with the Clintons, Obama, and Biden), seized power in Burma. Cabal denial will be ridiculous. It will be resolved. Will the US Military stand up to defend the Constitution? Time will tell…
  • Biden and His Flying Circus! Reference Monty Python and the Dead Parrot Sketch…
  • The Cabal is coming down
  • Astrological year for 2020 ends April 10th with the New Moon.
  • Unconstitutional impeachment of a citizen of the United States coming up – may not turn out well for the opponents of 45
  • Major snowstorm in NE United States
  • Hwy 1 (Big Sur) mudslide and road closed
  • Tip of Day: Layer clothing when outside in cold… so you can remove layers depending on activity level if you are sweating. Remain hydrated. Watch out for hypothermia.
  • Word of the Day: God is going to give you a new song or sound for break-through.

WGW1WGA! God Wins!